Are you considering a more remote position as your next step?

Finding Remote Working Opportunities The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed Australia’s workforce. We’re working from home where possible, and there’s no rush to get everyone back to the office. But could remote working be here to stay? Possibly. Here’s why remote working could be a good thing, along with some tips for finding your own remote job.   Benefits … Read more

The down side of remote working

Five big disadvantages of working from home and how you can adapt to the ‘new normal’ In an attempt to stem the spread of COVID-19, millions of Australians have shifted their work to home. The benefits of remote working have been widely reported: zero commute, tax deductions, and the freedom to wear what you want (provided … Read more

Managing your work from home schedule

Whether you decide to work from home because the flexibility appeals to you, you have kids at home to care for, or you want the freedom of working for yourself, getting the work-at-home schedule under control can take time. Thankfully, there are a few strategies that can help you get moving in the right direction. … Read more

7 Tips to Help You Effectively Manage Remote Workers

Managing remote employees is far more difficult than managing office staff. Distance creates barriers and masks problems that would otherwise be recognized through casual interactions. Often, managers feel remote workers lack a sense of urgency and focus. Remote workers, on the other hand, feel torn between home and work responsibilities as they try to satisfy … Read more

Taking Charge of your own Growth

How to take charge of your own growth In business, the term “disruptor” refers to companies that upturn the established order, often replacing the market leaders with their innovative products or processes. It is often said that the best way companies can avoid being replaced by disruptors by becoming disruptors themselves. As a professional, you … Read more

Being versatile in your career

Adaptability is Key in a Social Service Career Being an expert in your field may not be the highest qualification you possess for doing the job. It’s near the top, but even highly skilled workers need to be well-rounded socially – able to communicate well with others and settle differences with minimal effort. One trait that social … Read more

Own your career gap!

Own the gap! Once upon a time, having an employment gap on your CV was a liability. But times are changing. According to an article in The Wall Street Journal, employers in the US are increasingly eager to interview candidates with gaps in their employment history. The Australian labour market is different, of course, but … Read more