Meet the team: Michelle & Niran

Meet the team

Meet Michelle While Michelle may be a recent addition to Be. Recruitment, she’s no stranger to the rest of our team, or the wider social care sector. “I’ve actually known Jenny for many years,” Michelle says of co-founder, Jenny Rosser. “She gave me my first job out of uni, which was a long time ago … Read more

Is it time to upskill in your social care role?

Between vaccination mandates, isolation requirements and staff shortages, workers in social care roles have been stretched beyond their limits throughout the pandemic. It’s no surprise that many staff in the sector have considered leaving their job for a change in career. But instead of a complete career change, perhaps upskilling is the answer. Read on … Read more

4 Tips to Help Prevent Employee Burnout

While many roles in social care can be quite stressful, the good news is there are a number of things employers and managers can do to help reduce employee burnout. In fact, research has found that the main factors contributing to employee burnout are within managers’ control – so you’ve got a vital role to … Read more

Our top three tips for onboarding new staff

How well do you look after new additions to your teams? Onboarding new staff well isn’t just good for productivity and efficiency – a warm welcome can also reduce staff turnover, saving your organisation hiring costs over the long run. Taking on a new team member soon? Don’t forget to do these three things. 1. … Read more

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