Meet the founders: Jenny and Zena

Jenny Rosser and Zena Clark founded Be. Recruitment in June 2018 to deliver affordable, high-touch recruitment services to the social care sector. Zena explains:“We felt that there was a gap in the market for a high-touch recruitment company specialising in community services. “We knew that at the lower end of the the salary scale, a … Read more

Meet the team: Theo Venables

Theo Venables

Theo Venables brings valuable professional experience working in the social care space in both Australia and the UK, across mental health, disability, and child, youth and family services. “I enjoy supporting people to work in the industry,” he says, “and finding the right people, knowing what type of person it takes to do each specific … Read more

Meet the team: Lauren Roobottom

Meet the team Lauren Roobottom

One of the key reasons that Be. Recruitment consultants are so capable at recruiting for roles in social care, is that many started their careers working in the industry. Lauren Roobottom is one of our Principal Consultants. Her heart for the social care sector goes back to her early working years in the U.K. where … Read more

How to get the best out of your recruitment agency

The more recruitment agencies working on your vacancy, the faster it’s filled, right?  Actually, the opposite is usually true!  According to Louise Archer from Retrained Search, inviting multiple recruiters to try and fill a role (called ‘contingent recruitment’) has an average fill rate of below 25%.  In contrast, fill rates are up around 95–100% for agencies engaged exclusively on a retained basis.  Read on to discover why, and learn how to get the most out of your … Read more

Could you do your job in four days?

Same pay, less hours. Could it work for you? While ‘The Great Resignation’ sweeps the UK and USA, another (less extreme) approach to reclaiming greater work-life balance post-lockdown is garnering popularity: working four days a week, rather than five. The idea isn’t to be confused with cramming full-time hours into less days. This new trend … Read more

Four team-building technology tools

When it comes to managing, motivating and communicating with your teams every day, fitting everything in can sometimes feel a little overwhelming. Thankfully, there are some amazing (and surprisingly inexpensive) tech solutions that are helping team leaders across industries stay organised while supporting staff and workload across their teams. Build and motivate your teams on … Read more