Could you do your job in four days?

Same pay, less hours. Could it work for you? While ‘The Great Resignation’ sweeps the UK and USA, another (less extreme) approach to reclaiming greater work-life balance post-lockdown is garnering popularity: working four days a week, rather than five. The idea isn’t to be confused with cramming full-time hours into less days. This new trend … Read more

Four team-building technology tools

When it comes to managing, motivating and communicating with your teams every day, fitting everything in can sometimes feel a little overwhelming. Thankfully, there are some amazing (and surprisingly inexpensive) tech solutions that are helping team leaders across industries stay organised while supporting staff and workload across their teams. Build and motivate your teams on … Read more

Be honest – are you really ready to apply for that role?

Are you really ready to apply for that role?

So, you’re thinking about making a move and taking on a new challenge in your career. Exciting times! (But possibly quite nerve-racking too.) The search for your next position will take courage, tenacity… and a willingness to be completely honest with yourself. Yep! The unconventional step in job applications that works wonders is actually honesty. … Read more

Why we need to have more real conversations in the workplace

A couple of years ago, cultural anthropologist Simon Sinek’s viral interview on millennials in the workplace alerted us to the decline in genuine connections between colleagues in modern work settings. But have we heeded his advice to open up more to each other? Or has the idea of having ‘real conversations’ with our colleagues felt … Read more

Are you considering a more remote position as your next step?

Finding Remote Working Opportunities The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed Australia’s workforce. We’re working from home where possible, and there’s no rush to get everyone back to the office. But could remote working be here to stay? Possibly. Here’s why remote working could be a good thing, along with some tips for finding your own remote job.   Benefits … Read more