Meet the team: Michelle & Niran

Meet Michelle

While Michelle may be a recent addition to Be. Recruitment, she’s no stranger to the rest of our team, or the wider social care sector.

“I’ve actually known Jenny for many years,” Michelle says of co-founder, Jenny Rosser. “She gave me my first job out of uni, which was a long time ago now. I was recruiting for supported housing and housing positions.”

Michelle’s successful recruitment career is centred on her passion for partnering with not-for-profit and profit-for-purpose organisations.

“I always get pulled back to the social care sector,” she explains.

“I did have a stint recruiting in another industry to try something different, but I just found that I really missed the not-for-profit and public sector.”

Michelle’s love for social care recruitment comes from the immense diversity of roles she’s recruiting for, and the fact that “the people are just so wonderful to work with.”

“They’re all so passionate about what they do. When they’re considering new roles, it’s not usually about the dollar figure, it’s more the work they do, because they really care about the clients they’re supporting.”

“It’s just a lovely sector to work in. I feel like I’m contributing to society in some capacity.”

Meet Niran

Niran is another recent addition to our growing team, who’s come on board as our Finance and Payroll Officer.

“I deal with payroll, financing, making reports for the consultants to see where they’re at or what needs to be improved,” he says.

Niran brings almost a decade of experience working in both commercial and public accounting, where he was growing weary of the lifestyle.

“Many accounting positions are high pace and long hours – it’s a stressful life,” he says. “And I recently had a kid!”

In contrast, Niran says his role at Be. Recruitment ticks all the boxes.

“At Be. Recruitment, the work is still engaging, but much more relaxed. There’s flexibility in terms of what we get to do, and I work from home one day a week.”

Like Michelle, Niran is no stranger to the social care sector, having previously worked with Baptist Care before he became an accountant.

Returning to the sector has been rewarding for Niran.

“I like the fact that we’re helping people who are struggling,” he says.

An exciting part of Niran’s role is being able to apply his extensive expertise from large-scale organisations to our growing firm.

“I introduce whatever I have learned in my accounting background into this environment so the team can perform better and keep helping the community.”

Be. Recruitment specialises in talent acquisition for the social care sector. If you’re looking for quality candidates to fill your organisation’s vacancies, or you’d like to discuss the next step in your career in social care, we’d love to hear from you!

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