Reasons to work at Be. Recruitment… according to our staff.

Are you a talented recruiter ready to take the next step in your career?

Be. Recruitment is a great place to work, and we’re looking to expand our growing team.

But don’t just take it from us – read on to discover what our staff have to say and find out if a career at Be. Recruitment might be right for you!

Lauren, Team Leader

“Be. Recruitment is a really nice, flexible work environment.

“Directors Jenny and Zena are very good at what they do. They really invest in our professional development. I learn a lot from them because they’re all about learning, developing, and growing – basically not staying in your comfort zone.

“They aren’t scared to investigate new technology and opportunities to become innovative and work smarter not harder – to move with the market. Recruitment 20 years ago was looking at a phone book and picking up the phone, whereas now it’s very different.

“I love having the flexibility and trust to work from home when I like. I’m well trusted to just get on with the work – Jenny and Zena don’t feel the need to ring me each morning to check if I’ve started or anything like that.

“They see the results we produce and they trust and support what we do – it’s nice to feel that respect from them.

“We have a nice team – we’re all quite close, really. It’s a small business with a great bunch of people.”

Michelle, Recruitment Resourcer

“The great thing about working with Be. is that it’s very autonomous and no day is the same.

“I love having different tasks to do and working on different things – Jenny and Zena are so flexible. If there’s a direction that I’m keen to go in, I know that I can have that conversation with them. We’re trusted to explore different avenues; it’s a really supportive environment.

“It’s also a really close-knit team. Obviously everyone’s working really hard and is really busy, but we still always have the time to have a chat about what we got up to on the weekend or whatever it may be.

“That’s really nice because I work remotely, where it can be easy to miss out on that team bond and feel isolated. But I definitely don’t feel that way at Be. because I speak to everyone throughout the day and still have that team interaction.”

Maria, Consultant

“My favourite part of the job is definitely the staff I meet. You come across some characters! Some people have been through a lot in their lives and really want to help others.

“Our job is challenging, but it’s nothing compared to the work that our staff are doing out there. You come across some really amazing candidates and it’s great to see the things they’re doing for vulnerable people in our communities. It’s so refreshing to be working with them.”

Elyse, Recruitment Resourcer

“I get off the phone every day and I’m just like, ‘Oh my goodness, these people are amazing!’

“They just have so much patience as they deal with really complex issues for their work. I absolutely love my job because I get to work with these people.

“It’s also really satisfying to be placing candidates in roles, especially after extended lockdowns, because many – particularly casuals – weren’t able to work and are now really reliant on being able to have an income.”

Be. Recruitment is seeking experienced Recruitment Consultants and Resourcers to join the team.

Whether you have external recruitment experience, or currently work in the social care sector and are looking to transfer your skills, we’d love to hear from you for a confidential chat.

Contact Jenny on 0435 242 908 or [email protected] 

1 thought on “Reasons to work at Be. Recruitment… according to our staff.”

  1. What amazes me is the openness to feedback and attitude to do things better.

    It has been my experience working with youth that the common sense approach, undergirded by actually simplifying policies to help get changes for young people, is not simple, but is driven by the young person only being the benefactor in any top-down, bottom-up approach. Youth may have more of a chance of actually becoming functionally independent as a matter of course. For if Be Recruitment only hire real leaders to work with youth like in out Of Home Care, problems will be less of a problem because the leaders for change are driven not by the dollar, but by the actual benefits towards the holistic growth of each child and young person in care.

    I sense from Be Recruitment the opportunity to offer others the chance to give ideas for improvement. It is about building great selected candidates that may change the industry in the long term and short term.

    Only recruit leaders who are motivated by benefitting the child and young person towards holistic functional independence, because they’re the kind of people this industry needs to get transformative results for youth.


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