Be . Experts

At Be. Recruitment we offer you a unique suite of Talent Attraction & Acquisition solutions to suit the specific demands of your organisation.

Our approach is versatile, our style is collaborative and our results are clear to see, with over 80% of our business won via word of mouth.

Traditional Specialist Recruitment.

We will secure the right people for your business using the traditional search methodology without the prohibitive fees traditionally associated with this high touch process.

At Be. we start with an in-depth face to face briefing and identification of core competencies required for the role. What follows is a complete market map for your role, sector and geographical location. We then undertake a fully documented competency-based sourcing process using m
utli-channel recruitment tools. During this time we offer you weekly progress updates with feedback from the market on your brand, remuneration and availability of the candidates.

This increased visibility during the entire lifecycle of the assignment is critical. It gives the opportunity for changes in role specification, depending on the availability of suitable candidates and changes in the requirements within your business over this time.

Talent Acquisition Optimisation TAO.

We help your organisation ensure you have the Optimal recruitment strategy to meet the demands of your business. Whatever the size of your organisation, a sub-optimal recruitment strategy will at best prohibit the growth of your company and ultimately have a huge impact in the profitability of your business.

By working with Be. you are able to draw on the 40 + years of Talent Acquisition expertise. Our TAO experts come from a range of backgrounds from Certified Agile Scrum Masters, Business Analysts, to Operations Leadership and Rec-Tech Gurus.

With Be. the process is clear and the outcomes are measurable. The TAO team invest time early to understand your ideal outcomes and the way in which success will be measured. They will talk with the business leaders and the recruitment teams to understand their pain points and the blockers to their success. The TAO team then review and analyse your existing talent acquisition strategy, processes and delivery model and using an Agile methodology, make recommendations to ensure you have the optimal recruitment model and your original outcomes are met.

Importantly Be. then implement these recommendations. We run collaborative retrospectives over the course of the following 12 months ensuring identify and implement the inevitable tweaks necessary to ensure the new model stays relevant.

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